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Wild Connection is proud to provide programs and classes for student and public groups alike. Our programs aim to create a safe and fun learning environment that fosters personal and professional growth through development of skills. Learn and strengthen the skills needed to feel comfortable and connected to wilderness. All programming can be customized to best suit personal or group needs.

Fire making

An in depth class that will accelerate your fire making skills. Learn the art of making fires from all natural materials that will stand up to any weather conditions. Develop new skills such as one match fires, flint and steel, and fire by friction. Embrace the confidence that comes with understanding the art of fire making.

Spoon carving

A fun and exciting class designed to make you feel comfortable using knifes and fire to create functional art in the woods. Spoon carving is a celebrated tradition from all corners of the globe and a great starting point for learning the basics of safe carving practices. Join us around the fire for a relaxing class that is sure to please. 

Make a bowdrill kit

A friction fire class focused on making and using your very own bowdrill kit. Learn the skills needed to create your own kits in the wild. Find the tinder needed to turn your hard earned ember into a flame. The class focuses on tree and plants identification, safe tool use, carving skills and advanced fire craft.

Bushcraft classes

Develop your wilderness living skills with a bushcraft basics class. The class focuses on safe tool use, fire craft, shelter building, plants and tree I.D, knots and tarps, and so much more. Connect to nature with a back to basics style of camping that will improve your skills and knowledge of our natural surroundings.

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